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Do you have any new or second-hand musical instruments that you no longer require? Maybe you have a recorder or an old guitar that you or your kids no longer need. Or maybe you have an unusual instrument that would be a great challenge or benefit to a refugee.

Drop-off points have been organised throughout Australia where small instruments can be delivered. These drop-off point organisations have made a commitment to deliver them to the detention centre or refugee support centre closest to them. Click on Drop Off Points in the menu above.

There are also many other organisations in Australia who assist refugees and could use your help as well. Some are listed here, while others are available via a Google search. It is best to call them first as there could well be a need for items other than musical instruments.

Are you a musician? Or a teacher in another area, like painting, cooking or sports? Why not volunteer your services - SERCO management staff are very obliging and will welcome your contact. Send your details to National Welfare & Engagement e-mail address: national.welfare&

No matter where you live, please consider what a difference you can make to a lonely and perhaps frightened refugee in detention, who has come to our shores to try and make a good and safe life after escaping unbearable cruelty in their country. It is a known fact that making and listening to music is an amazing tool to release stress and to create peace and harmony. We can all make a difference in helping less fortunate people, no matter who they are or where they have come from.

So maybe you have an instrument gathering dust in a cupboard, or maybe your kid's school has a spare guitar to donate. Or maybe the local choir in your town has an unwanted instrument that can be passed on.

Do you want more information about detention centres, or would you like to visit a detention centre? Information can be obtained via the following:-

Immigration Detention and Community Statistics Summary by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection . . . . See:

Wanting to visit an immigration detention facility . . . . See:

And if you live outside Australia, think about how you can help refugees coming into your country. As human beings we can all make a difference.



You can help by making others aware of the Music for refugees project.

Download this PDF file.

Print and distribute the one page flyer.






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