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Media Resources

The Australian media is playing an important role in publicising the Music for Refugees project and where people can drop off instruments.

In order to assist journalists with appropriate stories and subject matter, the following are some of the activities and adventures that have occurred at Villawood and other centres:

At the Villawood family section in mid-2013, we organised the first ever orchestra to come and perform for refugees.

At the Villawood kids section we created our own impromptu orchestra with all the kids playing kazoos.

At adult jams there are refugees from various countries resulting in everyone learning songs from around the world.

The very first piano at Villawood was originally owned by Philip Feinstein which he sold about 20 years ago. Now donated back . . . .

A donated saxophone and clarinet was exchanged at a music shop for 5 new guitars and 5 new ukuleles to give to refugees. They were all shipped to Darwin and Melbourne detention centres.

At each kids first lesson they are taught to just play rhythm on any black notes. The result was them jamming and composing in the key of F# 6/9 - sounded just fine.

The kids music room has a snooker table in the middle. It becomes the perfect percussion jamming instrument which they love playing.

The kids learn our national anthem. We then have them singing it for the adults and parents. This is quite a tear-jerker!

It is quite an honour and privilege to hear some amazing adult musicians from various countries playing their native music. Some could eventually become big names in the diverse Australian music scene.

The Villawood kids sometimes have a lesson in Theatre Sports. They pick it up very quickly. Great for their self esteem.



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